His side of the closet was nearly empty. I arranged the few things that were left on the clothes bar to try to make it look full again. 

“I don’t know what to do, Wendy,” How many times a day had I called her crying in the past week. “I can’t stand leaving the house for a few hours, so he can come and rip my heart out a little at a time.”

What would be gone this time when I returned? I would burst back into the house bravely to scan it over quickly. What’s missing now? But I didn’t always figure it out. Usually I would notice later, in a weaker moment–some DVDs, his protein, more shoes, a large stack of diapers. 

I guess he couldn’t face me. Maybe that was best since I couldn’t hold myself together anyway. But it felt so much more cruel. I am your wife. When did I become your enemy?

“Just pray and breathe and stay calm, Emily.”

“Should I just spend my time boxing up all his things, so I don’t have to watch them disappear slowly? Would that hurt less?”

“Is that the message you want to send?”

“No. It’s not.” I didn’t want him to think I wanted him gone. I wanted him to stay. “…so, should I tape everything down with duct tape?”

“Hold on to it, and just pray.” We got off the phone. 

I wrapped my arms around his remaining shirts. Oh, Demetrius, the clothes you don’t wear, they are soaked with my tears and prayers. 

Clara was playing on the floor with a photo of Mommy and Daddy, actually the first photo we ever took together. I took a quick snapshot of her as she stared up at me concerned. I scooped her up and hugged her. 

“Everything is okay, baby.” I don’t have the option to fall apart. 

God, please help me through this, I am not strong enough. Please fast forward my life 6 months from this moment. I don’t want to feel every second. 

I sprayed my perfume on his clothes. Held them. Prayed. Maybe you won’t face me, fine. Then you can smell me. 

How did the heart of my husband become frozen, God? I grabbed onto his warm arms in this very bedroom, gave birth to his daughter in that very bathtub. How? And why? Which one is the real Demetrius?

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.” (Christine Caine)

6 thoughts on “Closet

  1. I am so sorry for what you are going through Emily. I too have been there. Many times, in many situations. I promise you though, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You may not see it now, you may not understand why this is happening. But it’s all for a reason. I am not a huge religious person at all, but I definitely believe that God has a plan, and we have to trust that what is happening is so that something greater can happen in its place.

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    1. My 4th daughter Clara is now 2.5; she was just turning 1 year when this went on. And I had another daughter, Rebekah, on February 15, 2016 with Keith.

      (I have 5 daughters–14, 12, 11, 2.5 and 6 weeks; and my husband Keith has 2 boys–18 and 15, and one girl–15 yrs)

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  2. Wow… good for you! And I can’t tell you how happy that makes me, because honestly my heart broke a little when I read this. I remember those feelings of hopelessness, and I remember spraying my perfume so he smelled me too. I know that pain all too well.. but I am so happy to hear how things truly did get better!

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  3. Yes, definitely glad to hear this isnt the current situation. I understand both being the enemy and having one when that is not where you started. Congrats on your happy ending.

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