I love opening the curtains and doors and letting in the cool Spring breeze, eating lunch on the back deck, and just chilling.

I bought this old house after my divorce in Dec 2012, fixed it up cheaply and quickly, but didn’t move in right away. I rented it out to friends until I moved here in Oct 2014 during my 2nd divorce.  

My front entry is like an episode of The Brady Bunch…e’ry day e’ry day!

 My French bulldog Tank usually waits to greet me at the door with snorts and flatulence. 


 Lots of things need work still; I’m not crazy about the hills; I wish my white siding was on the house instead of laying in my backyard; I hate that I have no grass in my front “lawn,” but I’m happy. And that’s priceless. 

Check out that sweet minivan–hotness!


I love life. I love my family. I love being comfortable. I am blessed that all my needs are met. My house is minutes away from my gym/job, Fairview, Ramsey, and SHS–my girls’ schools.   


Crazy, cluttered kitchen=yum. 


Huge window over the kitchen sink. 

 I love decorating for holidays. And squishing lots of love into my house. 

Turned my bedroom walls into a closet because it’s the basement anyway. Practical is pretty in my mind. 

 Margaret’s bedroom (14yrs)–messy teen

 Audrey’s bedroom (11yrs)–room for the bed


Clara (2.5) and Hazel (12) share the master bedroom

Rebekah’s happy little nursery. The girls and I painted her furniture purple, good memories. 


Our kids hanging in the backyard on Easter. 

 We have great neighbors including Josh (who helps clean up our leaves yearly), the Calvillos (whose kids go to school with my girls), Monty and Jennifer (we keep a watch on each other’s houses for security), Teresa (who found and took care of Tank when he ran off), Cassandra and her family (who we met when she and her kids helped us look for Tank), and my older girls’ dad and stepmom bought a house about a block away too. 

  Keith did some spring cleaning in my garage today. Yay! I painted the floor last winter, the girls painted all the cabinets, I bought a new well-insulated garage door, Keith installed a nice gas heater. 

We’ve been using the garage as a video game and tv room, as clean storage, my tanning salon, puzzle and game table, and library. Who puts their car in a garage?!

And I got a great deal when I bought it in Dec 2012, can’t beat the price for the location and amount of room.

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