I had my daughters put their hands behind their backs. I put duct tape around their wrists. I put them in my trunk one at a time. 

It was a drill. We have spent hours having real talk about bad possibilities. We have spent hours on family drills. I don’t mince words. I don’t joke. I hope to God they never, never, never have to use any of these skills I made them learn. 

They all know how to get their tied hands under their rears and back in front. They know how to get duct tape off their wrists with their teeth, how to SCREAMMMM, how to pull the emergency lever in a trunk, how to kick out tail lights and put their hand out if there’s not a lever. I explained that jumping from a moving vehicle was better than trusting you will be rescued.

You don’t have to agree with my methods. These aren’t your kids. 

All my girls can shoot a gun. We keep loaded guns in the house. From my personal experience and conversations with people, that’s only scary to people who have little to no knowledge about guns.

I don’t really think of it any differently than a drawer full of cooking knives. What if I dropped a knife…it got stuck securely between some crap…pointed straight up…and then I tripped and fell on it? If you know anything about gun safety, this knife series of anomalies is about as likely as a gun accident.

Gas ovens require safety knowledge. Medicine and cleaners require safety knowledge. We have bottles of Tylenol…take the whole bottle, accidentally or on purpose, and that’ll “be your last headache.” (Katt Williams)

I do forget that not everyone is a redneck assassin…   


To indecisive intruders–

Keith is a weapons expert, and if he doesn’t get to a weapon in time, he’s pretty strong and skilled at hand-to-hand combat too. If any altercation goes down at this house–I got my money on Keith.  He locks our door for your protection, not ours. Stay out. Or…shrug, come on over. 

You don’t know where our guns are. We do.

There are too many things to be afraid of. Maybe it’s not healthy that I’m not fearful, but I prefer to learn and read and pray. 

On that note, I think I’ll crank up “Blaze of Glory” by Bon Jovi.


5 thoughts on “Huh? Come on over. 

  1. I’m all for being prepared! I like that saying “that door was locked for your protection not mine”. My husband is also a weapons expert, I’m not an expert persay but as someone who’s been raised in the country, I know my way around guns. We’ve been teachin our boys about them and they know the basics and they know they’re not toys.

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