This day last year…

April 18, 2015…Keith made secret plans and asked me to marry him before a play at the Fort Smith Little Theatre.

It was only 2 months after we met, and though we knew we clicked instantly, I was completely surprised. NO idea. I was not expecting a proposal so soon. 

Keith gave me a silly-band ring at breakfast. I rolled my eyes and said, “I don’t consider myself superficial, but you are going to have to do better than that.” I didn’t know it was foreshadowing for our evening…


We had season tickets to FSLT, so we planned to take my three oldest daughters and his daughter Skylar to dinner and the play. He had already talked to all my daughters and asked if they would be okay with him asking me to marry him. I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall to see their responses.

Keith organized a scheme with the play’s director. The play was set in the 70s, so the director had the idea to have the cast pull audience members on-stage to join them in doing the YMCA.

Now I’m not shy, but I did NOT volunteer to join in. Keith was like–c’mon c’mon! I wish I had a photograph of my face. The girls were egging me on–go Mom! Go!

So I went, and I thought the girls were following us out there because they all got up too. We were the only audience members over 12 who went. I narrowed my eyes at my girls who were–instead of YMCAing–pointing their phone cameras at me. And the song felt about 20 minutes long.

I tried to sprint off-stage when the song finally ended. Keith pulled me back. I protested, “They have to start the play!”

He pulled out the sillyband ring, and said, “Since this ring wasn’t going to cut it…”

And my confusion started to lift.

It was just like a rom-com chick flick, he got down on one knee, audience whooping and clapping. Once I realized what was going on, I was overwhelmed with girlish elation.

My girls weren’t making fun of their mom, filming me for Instagram/Snapchat ridicule. They were videoing our special moment. I looked over at their beaming faces and teary-eyes. They were in on it. How freaking adorable. I love it.

I couldn’t tell you what the play was about. 

Two imperfect sinners who agree to not give up on each other, day after day…


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