You don’t know it, but I know it. 

One grilled cheese is burnt on the bottom, the other one is perfect on both sides. I take the burnt one. 

This scoop of ice cream seems to have lots of chunks in it, it goes in your bowl, not mine.

The last Coke. No, I’ve been wanting to drink more water.

I wish it was more. I wish it was something extravagant. Do you have any idea what I would give you if I could?

The silliest little sacrifices, but they aren’t  random; they are my choices.

They are my love, Love. 



4 thoughts on “Better half

  1. The “good” egg. You know, the one without the accidentally broken yolk, so you can break it yourself with some other delicious breakfast food to soak it in. Because dang it, if he knew how special that was! “I always liked accidentally broken egg yolks…” said no one ever.

    I hear ya. But it’s still something!

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