Rebekah Ruby Kate, now 3 months (born February 15, 2016)

8lbs 14.5oz (5lbs 10oz at birth) 0.2 percentile 

22 1/2 inches (20 1/8 at birth) 11.5 percentile 

Head 15.5 in (12 7/8 at birth) 46 percentile

As of Monday, May 16, her TSH has come down quite a bit, but is still out of range (however, I wasn’t told the normal range for her age).

TSH 8.18 (38.56 at 4 weeks)

fT4 1.13 (1.21 at 4 weeks)

The new doctor is making us a consultation appointment with a pediatric endocrinologist. The endocrinologist said he wants to monitor her levels again in 2-4 weeks, and he could answer any questions and would discuss treatment vs no treatment at our appointment. 

Next thyroid level check- June 6 (16 weeks)

Endocrinologist appt-June 30 (19.5 weeks)

We will come to the appointment prepared, plenty of questions. Will we consent to a prescription of Synthroid or a radioactive isotope scan if this is recommended? 

…to be determined.

May 17, 2016

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