Do not read. Do not think. Do not question the infallibility of “The Church.” How dare you.

I see patterns. My mind correlates and makes analogies. I have a revolutionary soul. 

Heretics were burned for daring to question. There was no separation of church and state. Heresy was a crime against the government, and punished accordingly. Meaning–burn them. 


Does that sound ludicrous when we think of freedom and justice? That people were punished by the state, for disagreeing with religious beliefs?

In theory, one might say–“YES! That is insane!” Theoretically that sounds absurd. But what about in actual practice? Do we have a new “The Church” that is infallible? Are heretics punished if they question it or go against it?

Prior to 1436, the idea of everybody having a Bible was out of the question, even if they could read. Printing presses hadn’t been invented. Bibles were only read in Latin or Hebrew or Greek. 

Some people are bred to be elite. They learned Latin. They can read the Bible. But not the rest of us? We couldn’t possibly understand it, best to trust them. 

But we all know almost all the people were stupid back then though. Am I right? And really, most of us are plain dumb now, too.  Just quoting some facts here, right? 

“Most common people of the time, however, could understand neither the language nor the content …and most common people are still clueless about the content of the Bible today…”

“The common people of the middle ages had no intellectual defense with which they could make a reasonable judgment about the Truth.”

“No one was punished for simply believing a heresy. The crime was teaching it, and leading others astray. The Church felt it was their job to protect the souls of the innocent.”

(Quotes from


Yeah. I’m not veiling this. I do feel like the conventional medical community is the new “The Church”…or at least, I feel that it’s often viewed as a hierarchy of infallible authority. 

Don’t question it. You couldn’t possibly read or understand anything for yourself. If you go against the grain, you are a heretic, a threat, a menace. 

I will now include a portion of my conversation with the new pediatrician. This is not verbatim, but it’s close. 

Dr–So you went against medical advice of your last pediatrician? Why did you not give your daughter the medicine he prescribed?

Me–I did some research on it, and chose not to.

Dr–That was a very reckless choice. 

Me–Based on what? I can show you the scholarly articles and studies I read to make that choice.

Dr–For this relationship to work, we need to have a certain amount of trust and respect here. 

Me–I agree 100%…I would love to receive both of those from you, as well. Mutual, right?

Dr–Well, I’m not a mechanic, and I don’t claim to be. And you…didn’t go to medical school. 


Dr–So…you need to defer your judgment to me. 

Me–…I did defer my judgment. That’s exactly what I did. I put the final decision on hold, while I’m gathering more information…

(Huh? Does he mean transfer my judgment?)

Dr–You are not the authority. 

Me–(thinking…I’m not? In my life and my daughter’s life…choices for our care…I’m not? Does he know what these words mean? Is this really being said?)

Dr–I am not the authority. 


Dr–GOOGLE (scoff, scoff) is certainly not the authority. The pediatric endocrinologists–THEY. Are. The. Authority. 

Me–Maybe in your world. In mine…God. Is. MY. Authority. 

6 thoughts on “Heretic

  1. You are making risky decisions for your daughter based upon google searches. Did you call Wikipedia or the authors of the “scholarly articles” that you got your info and ask them for “proof” or you just question medical proffessionals that are trying to help your child?


  2. I have been to many a doctor that I had to shut down their God complex. One tried to put me on medication that was researched to be a direct link to diabetes. She scoffed at me and told me it was unfounded. I took the medication just to prove a point to her. Three months later my A1C was higher than it had ever been. I looked at her face and said “Don’t you EVER tell me that my research is unfounded. Because of your carelessness I almost ended up a diabetic.” And I switched doctors.

    You do what is best for your child. Research everything. Weigh the pros and cons. And people like Jody can shove it up their ass with the passenger side judgement.

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  3. No, I’m done. I won’t be looking at your blog any longer. You use your children, your husband, your ex-husbands, and others as a way to gain attention. I won’t be feeding into that any longer. Hopefully, the people that you have wronged don’t write a blog about you and plaster it all over the internet. Good luck


    1. I don’t understand your anger. I really don’t…?? Do we know each other? ANOTHER commenter using a fake name? Your email address is “concernedmom@…”

      It’s hard to take you seriously.


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