Knowing when to clap

Knowing when to clap


​​​​Her lesson–2 seconds vs 20 minutes. It takes 2 seconds to dump out a bag of cookies. It took her 20 difficult minutes to pick them back up. 

My lesson–it can take me 2 seconds to spend like $20,000 and then it’ll take me ? difficult years to clean it all up again.

God, help me stay patient with my daughters; God, please stay patient with me. I could’ve just scooped up her mess for her in a few seconds, but I think it’s better for her to learn the hard way. You could just drop a large diamond on my doorstep, but it’s better for me to…

Actually the diamond would be cool if you aren’t too busy. Squeezing my eyes shut really tight and lasering this prayer straight in to you.

Your bestie, I won’t tell the others,